Keeping Your Aquarium Clean: 5 Tips You Should Know

Keeping Your Aquarium Clean: 5 Tips You Should Know

The right aquarium in your home or office can bring a whole new level of décor and aesthetic to a room that really no other form of decoration can. The gentle bubbling of the water and the swishing of the fish within also create a relaxing atmosphere that is second-to-none for so many people.

While a piece of art can just hang on the wall and require no more attention for centuries, an aquarium will require some maintenance. Allowing it to get too dirty can be a danger to the fish, cause an odor to permeate out of the water, or otherwise lessen the beauty of the aquarium. Thankfully, with just five easy tips in mind, you can keep your aquarium clean, pristine, and presentable.

Here are the top 5 tips you should know about keeping aquariums clean:

  1. Water cycling: The typical aquarium setup will benefit from cycling the water once in a while. By removing around 20% of the water every 14 days and replacing it with water that had been given 2 days to stand, you can clear out some of the stagnant water without removing all the positive bacteria that helps minimize waste. Remember to check salinity levels before cycling water.
  2. Unblock filters: Sometimes the simple solution is the right one, and all you have to do to see fast cleanliness improvement is unblock the tank’s filter. Algae, rocks, decorations, and more can get stuck to a filter, rendering it useless. You should also consider replacing your filter’s pad as often as the manufacturer suggests.
  3. Food rations: If you had a fishbowl growing up, your parents probably told you not to feed your fish too much whenever it was feeding time. Not only does this good advice reduce the chances of your fish overindulging and getting sick, but it also prevents excess food from just floating around in the tank and dirtying up the water.
  4. Air increase: As strange as it might seem, fish need fresh air just as much as we do. A good aquarium should have a functioning air pump that provides oxygen to the water, usually through a secondary filter or the gravel, keeping it from turning stagnant and mildew-laden. Sometimes increasing the rate an air pump dispenses oxygen can help keep the water clean. Check manufacturer’s instructions before making adjustments.
  5. Hire professionals: Perhaps the number one reason why home and office aquariums get dirty is because no one has the time to maintain them. Careers can be hectic and life at home just as much. If you find you don’t have the time or ability to clean your tank, it is time to hire a professional to do it for you.

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